CS Coaching ToolKit

Project Information

Project Area:

Area 1: Introduction to Inclusive Computer Science Education

Project Module:

Module 1-3: Co-Teaching & Co-Planning for Inclusive CS Education


Teachers, Administrators, Curriculum Writers

Grade Level:


CSTA Teacher Standards:

  • 2a. Examine issues of equity in CS
  • 2b. Minimize threats to inclusion
  • 2c. Represent diverse perspectives
  • 2e. Use accessible instructional materials
  • 3a. Pursue targeted professional development
  • 3b. Model continuous learning
  • 3c. Examine and counteract personal bias
  • 3d. Commit to the mission of CS for all students
  • 3e. Leverage community resources
  • 3f. Participate in CS professional learning communities
  • 4a. Analyze CS curricula
  • 4b. Develop standards-aligned learning experiences
  • 4c. Design inclusive learning experiences
  • 4d. Build connections between CS and other disciplines
  • 4e. Plan projects that have personal meaning to students
  • 4f. Plan instruction to foster student understanding
  • 4g. Inform instruction through assessment
  • 5a. Use inquiry to facilitate student learning
  • 5b. Cultivate a positive classroom climate
  • 5c. Promote student self-efficacy
  • 5d. Support student collaboration
  • 5e. Encourage student communication
  • 5f. Guide students’ use of feedback

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Best Practice Models for Coaching

The CS Coaching Toolkit, developed by Cornell Tech, is a K-12 initiative to provide best practice in computer science coaching and mentoring for school and district embedded computer science instructors and curriculum developers. The ToolKit consists of a card deck with a flexible use approach to help users inform-plan-organize coaching sessions and strategies.