Examining CS Education from the Teacher's Len: Results of a National Study

Project Information

Project Area:

Area 1: Introduction to Inclusive Computer Science Education

Project Module:

Module 1-1: Introduction to CS Education (for Special & Gen Ed Teachers new to CS)


Teachers, Administrators, Researchers, Policymakers

Grade Level:


CSTA Teacher Standards:

  • 2a. Examine issues of equity in CS
  • 2b. Minimize threats to inclusion
  • 2c. Represent diverse perspectives
  • 2d. Use data for decision-making to improve equity
  • 3b. Model continuous learning
  • 3c. Examine and counteract personal bias
  • 3d. Commit to the mission of CS for all students
  • 3e. Leverage community resources

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Landscape of CS Education

The Kapor Center and CSTA conducted a national survey of PreK-12 CS teachers in the U.S. to understand the current landscape of CS teachers, their demographics, identity, teaching background, school context, professional development, curriculum, instructional practice, satisfaction with CS teaching, and knowledge of and use of culturally responsive teaching practices. Between May and July 2020, a total of 3,693 PreK-12 CS teachers participated, from all 50 states.