Helpful Strategies for Peer Collaboration during K-12 Computer Science Instruction

Project Information

Project Area:

Area 4: Instructional Practices for Inclusive CSEd

Project Module:

Module 4-3: Promoting Equitable Collaboration & Communication


Teachers, Administrators, Researchers, Paraeducators

Grade Level:


CSTA Teacher Standards:

  • 2b. Minimize threats to inclusion
  • 2e. Use accessible instructional materials
  • 4c. Design inclusive learning experiences
  • 5d. Support student collaboration
  • 5e. Encourage student communication

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Teacher Directed and Student Initiated Collaboration

Research on collaborative learning has shown that it can promote cooperation and improve academic achievement for various learners in K-12 classrooms. In engaging students in collaborative learning within CS education, we promote the maximize interactions to achieve desired learning goals; promote opportunities explicit supports and strategies to encourage individual accountabilities; set up the classroom environment to be conducive to student interactions; model and encourage interpersonal and social skills for students with various communication and collaboration skills; and facilitate group processing.