UDL for Teachers

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Project Area:

Area 1: Introduction to Inclusive Computer Science Education

Project Module:

Module 1-2: Introduction to Inclusive Practices in CS Ed (for Gen Ed Teachers)


Teachers, Administrators, Paraeducators

Grade Level:


CSTA Teacher Standards:

  • 2a. Examine issues of equity in CS
  • 2b. Minimize threats to inclusion
  • 2c. Represent diverse perspectives
  • 2e. Use accessible instructional materials
  • 3b. Model continuous learning
  • 3c. Examine and counteract personal bias
  • 3d. Commit to the mission of CS for all students
  • 3e. Leverage community resources
  • 3f. Participate in CS professional learning communities

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Introduction to Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

UDL for Teachers is an online resource adapted from the CAST UDL guidelines from 2018. This interactive site allows users to engage with all three principles in a tiered capacity, navigating through introductory videos at each checkpoint as well as suggested tools to facilitate putting the principles in practice in "teacher" friendly language.