About the Project

Universal Design for Learning in Computer Science (UDL4CS) is a Research-Practice Partnership that brings together researchers and practitioners around the shared problem of practice to provide teachers with the tools necessary to meaningfully include students with disabilities in computer science education. Through building trust and setting priorities between the researchers and the practitioner partners, UDL4CS seeks to leverage resources to focus on the professional development of teachers who are “twice new” (new to CS education and new to inclusive strategies).

Critical elements of UDL4CS include:

  • Goal 1: Build and strengthen our RPP partnership towards addressing our shared problem of practice focused on meaningful inclusion of students with disabilities in CS education.
  • Goal 2: Understand the level of meaningful inclusion in elementary CS education.
  • Goal 3: Investigate barriers and catalysts to the inclusion of elementary students with disabilities in CS education across the districts.
  • Goal 4: Build a shared practical knowledge base about ways in which professional development for general and special education teachers can contribute to inclusive CS education.

UDL4CS provides opportunities and resources to allow partners to understand and address common barriers and challenges related to preparing teachers for the meaningful inclusion of students with disabilities in CS education. Given the varied contexts within which UDL4CS partners work, we anticipate the creation of shared professionals development materials that will be of use to a wide range of practitioners and researchers.

Funding: National Science Foundation CS for ALL (Grant # 2031233)


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University of Florida

Dr. Maya Israel
Dr. Leela Kumeran
Dr. Todd Lash
Andrew Bennett
Alexis Cobo
Meg Ray

P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School

Dr. Jonathan Mundorf
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Dr. Ross Van Boven

Broward County School District, Broward STEM

Dr. Lisa Milekovic 
Annmargareth Marousky
Debra Kelly Thomas


Dr. Zelphine Dixon
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New York City School District CS4NYC

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